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The national park authority has its offices in Bad Langensalza. Around 40 people are responsible for promoting the purposes of the national park and work to protect its valuable nature. Our director is also Head of Conservation & Research, our deputy directer is Head of Information & Environmental Education. Most of our staff are employed in the section National Park Development: the members of the Nationalparkwacht (rangers), the Head and two district foresters.

Whether ranger, district forester, section head, clerical assistant or secretary – everyone of our team ensures on a daily basis that the nature in the national park is preserved for its own sake, for us and for future generations, and that visitors always receive up-to-date information and a wealth of offers in the field of environmental education.

Please note that the Canopy Walk is located in Hainich National Park, but not operated by the national park authority. There exists a co-operation with the operator, however, insofar as everything to do with the Canopy Walk needs to be examined and approved by the national park authority from a nature conservation perspective. Our rangers are also working at the Canopy Walk as guides and at the visitor information centre.


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