Agrargenossenschaft e.G. Kirchheiligen

Agrargenossenschaft e.G. Kirchheiligen

For the farmers' cooperative Kirchheiligen, sustainability is the first priority – in dairy, meat and plant production. Our quality promise: We do the feeding ourselves – we do the processing ourselves – we do the selling ourselves.

On the one hand, this means premium food, free range and expert animal-orientated care; on the other hand, a careful use of mineral and organic fertilisers that is based on the level of existing nutrients in the soil and the effective nutrient requirements of the crop plant. In crop management, we consequently apply the control threshold principle: Only when disease pressure or pest infestation have exceeded a relevant limit, pesticides are being used.

The main focus of our butchery products is on country knackwurst, ham specialities, air-dried ("Stracke") and smoked salami as well as game, lamb and pigeon specialities. These can be bought in 13 subsidiaries in Thuringia or online.

The cooperative also runs a catering service and the restaurants "Bauernschänke Kirchheiligen" and "Alter Speicher".

  • Foto: Nationalpark Partner, Agrargenossenschaft e.G. Kirchheilingen
  • Foto: Nationalpark Partner, Agrargenossenschaft e.G. Kirchheilingen
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Agrargenossenschaft e.G. Kirchheilingen Bahnhofstraße 186 a
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