Out and about with wheelchair or pram

Out and about with wheelchair or pram

Alruna, the seeress of the forest, accompanies walkers on their way along the Silberbornpfad to the legendary Silberborn lime by the deserted settlement of Sulzrieden.


Lime leaf

There are two paths you can take. The red path (2.8 km) is challenging for wheelchair users. The blue path (2 km) is easy and does not have any upward slopes.


What's there to see?

Woodland secrets
Nine lovingly designed, interactive stations let walkers in on the secrets of the forest. There are two paths, both ending at the Silberbornlinde (an old lime tree).

The Silberborn spring has its source in the rootstock of the Silberbornlinde. Legend has it that all children born in Berka come from the Silberborn.

Deserted settlement Sulzrieden
Also known as "Berca minor", the village of Sulzrieden was first mentioned in records in 1197 and was probably deserted sometime during the 14th century.

Mallinde and Malstein
The Mal lime and the Mal stone mark a place where court was held in medieval times.

At the start of the path, there is a picnic spot with a barbecue and a roofed seating area.

Getting there

Ramblers' car park "Mallinde"

Find an overview of the national park's ramblers' car parks and the nearest railway and bus stops on our interactive map. You find the map in the quick links in the left window pane or in the central column on this page.

Places to eat

At the end of the walk, near the car park, you find a picnic and barbecue area.

Further information

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