Up for an energetic walk?

Up for an energetic walk?

Nature and history - this tour provides profound and charming insights into the national park.


A combination of Betteleichenweg and Saugrabenweg

Betteleiche ("begging oak") and Wild boar

17 km


What's there to see?

Succession – mixed deciduous forest – deadwood
To start with, the path goes along a large-scale succession zone. In spring, you see masses of white-flowering sloes, woodland hawthorn and roses before you come to a young ash forest with beeches already beginning to grow in some places. The path carries in through mixed deciduous forest, which is richly structured and full of standing and fallen deadwood.

Early bloomers
In many places along the way you see masses of spring snowflakes, corydalis, wood anemones and wild garlic.

Boundary stones
Along the Thamsbrücker Grund, you can see boundary stones with the following inscriptions: THB for Thamsbrück, vH for "von Hopfgarten", the former owners of the Ihlefeld, as well as GF for Gemeinde Flarchheim – the so-called Dreiherrensteine ("three masters stones").

Betteleiche, Ihlefeld, Ihlefelder Kreuz and Eiserne Hand
These historic places and monuments can be found near the Betteleiche.  

UNESCO World Natural Heritage
In the Brunstal valley, the path goes through the UNESCO World Natural Heritage area.

One of the few water bodies that hold water all year round is the Hünenteich, a collapse sinkhole filled with water.

UBiS and Wildkatzenkinderwald
Environmental education in the UBiS or down-time in the Wildcat Village for Kids await visitors at the end of the walk.

Getting there

Ramblers' car park "Am Obergut"

Bus stopKammerforst (busses 152/153)

Find an overview of the national park's ramblers' car parks and the nearest railway and bus stops on our interactive map. You find the map in the quick links in the left window pane or in the central column on this page.

Information centres

The following information centre can be visited along the route:

Nationalpark-Information Kammerforst

You find interesting exhibitions on the nature in Hainich National Park there as well as a selection of maps and other information material.

Places to eat

We recommend our National Park Partners

Gasthof Rettelbusch or Waldgasthof Hainich Haus

Public toilets

You find public toilets at:
Ihlefeld, ramblers' car park Zollgarten, UBiS, Adventure Path Brunstal.