Wildcat Secret Path

For children, adventurers and climbing fans

The "Wildcat Secret Path" is 1.5 km long and starts behind the Wildcat Enclosure in Hütscheroda.

Wildcat tracks

1.5 km

easy (uphill slope between Wildcat Barn and Wildcat Enclosure, the starting point of the path)



To start with it winds its way through a younger woodland with some ancient beeches. This is followed by a very diversified stretch with gnarled old oaks, other imposing trees and lots of deadwood. You get profound insights into the forest structure, and, if you are lucky, perhaps also catch a glimpse of some of our forest denizens. Climbing structures along the way invite young and old walkers to show off their climbing skills.

After a short half-hour circular walk through dense forest and light glades you return to the meadow behind the Wildcat Enclosure, where benches await you for a well-deserved rest. A firepit with a barbecue and benches may be used for a family trip to the Wildcat Village on request. The path is accessible and suitable for families with prams and wheelchair users (with an accompanying person).