Junior Ranger

Junior Ranger

Interested in exploring the wilderness together with a ranger, studying the animals and plants living in our national park or spending a night in the forest bivouac under the stars?

There are two Junior Ranger groups for boys and girls aged 8 or over in Hainich National Park, run by the national park authority. Members meet once a month; one group in the Environmental Education Centre UBiS near Kammerforst, the other in the Youth Hostel "Urwald-Life-Camp" on the Harsberg. At their meetings, the children explore the national park under the guidance of experienced "senior" rangers and get to know its many secrets. They identify early bloomers and trees, for example, read tracks and check the condition of walking paths. The groups participate in national Junior Ranger meetings and from time to time represent, together with their group leaders, the national park at events and exhibitions. Last but not least, climbing, canoeing and taking photographs is also part of the Junior Ranger programme. 

Find mor informationen on the national Junior Ranger Programme here: www.junior-ranger.de

If you want to have a day out in the national park under expert guidance with your school, tell your teacher about our various educational programmes available.


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Image: Pupils in Hainich National Park
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