National Park Center

Discover secrets in the exhibition at the National Park Center

Swing through the treetops for a test. Encounter huge, tiny animals. Watch the wild cat hunt. Be surprised at what our World Heritage Site has to offer.

In films or in texts on huge picture walls, at adventure stations or interactive elements, on your own or with an expert guide - the National Park Center at Thiemsburg Castle reveals all the treasures of the Hainich National Park to its visitors, and children will also find lots of exciting things in the exhibition. They can play, do handicrafts, experiment and discover. And when they are exhausted, they can listen to stories in a cozy corner. One of the many highlights is the root cave, which opened in 2016.

Opening hours and prices

Up-to-date information is available on the treetop path website at


Tickets for the treetop walk and regional products are sold in the foyer of the barrier-free national park center. Rangers are also on hand to answer questions and provide tips and information about the national park and the World Heritage region.

Media Guide

People interested in nature with hearing or visual impairments, people with reading difficulties or simply people who like to listen can experience and enjoy the secrets of the "Wurzelhöhle" and the "Hainich World Heritage Site" at the National Park Center to the full. The fully accessible media guide makes this possible and can be easily used with your own smartphone. Tablets and headphones are also available to borrow.

Accessibility offers:

  • Sign language (international sign) - Video
  • Easy language (for people with reading difficulties) - Audio
  • Living language (for people with visual impairments) - Audio

Available languages:

  • German
  • English, German
  • Dutch
  • Polish

Special exhibition

In the special exhibition room of the National Park Center, special exhibitions on flora and fauna and especially on the Hainich National Park are on display.

You can find more information at

Accompanying material suitable for children

In the download area you will find the right material to accompany your visit to the National Park Center.