Cycle Trails

Discover the national park by bicycle

For all those who want to discover the diversity of nature in Hainich by bicycle, there are more than 50 km designated, well-maintained cycle trails for you.

Nationalpark-Rundweg (National Park Circular Route)

You can explore the unique beech forests that are enscribed in UNESCO's World Heritage list on the 25 km long Nationalpark-Rundweg. There are several places where you can have a rest and a bite to eat along the way, for example in Craulaer Kreuz, Thiemsburg or Fuchsfarm.

Gelbe Route (Yellow Route)

The Yellow Route between Creuzburg and Bad Langensalza leads directly through the national park. It uses little-frequented minor roads and farm tracks for most of the way. About halfway, the route becomes moderately steep, but it also gets quite steep in parts if you are coming from Creuzburg. Therefore it has a moderate to higher difficulty moderately.

Rote Route (Red Route)

The Rote Route connects the town of Mühlhausen with Hainich National Park. Both the length of the trip and the difficulty of the route depend on the direction in which you cycle the tour. Coming from Mühlhausen, you have a moderate to steeper gradient on the whole way. The degree of difficulty here is moderate to high. If you are coming from the national park and are going towards Mühlhausen, it is basically slightly downhill. Fit cyclists can cycle from Mühlhausen to the national park and back in one day.

The Yellow and Red Route meet in the heart of the national park. Several shorter cycle paths connect these long-distance cycle paths with other places to visit, for example the geographical centre of Germany or the ornithological station in Seebach.

Some of the walking paths in the national park may also be used by cyclist. Mountain bikers find dedicated paths outside of the national park. Find more information in the brochure "Cycling in Hainich" and the leaflet with map.

Please be considerate

The cycle trails in the national park are intended for leisurely cycling tours, so that ramblers and cyclists alike may enjoy their visit.

Only when everybody is is being considerate, all visitors will find recreation in the woodlands.

» Stay on the designated cycle trails.
» Don't leave anything behind and take any waste with you. There aren't any bins in the national park.
» Don't brake with blocking wheels to avoid damage to the forest ground.
» Adjust your speed. You need to be able to stop within eyeshot. Ramblers have got priority.
» Caution – the forest is a dangerous place to be during storms and thunderstorms!