A tour in the tree tops

Primeval woodlands are full of life thanks to their structural diversity. Numerous bird, beetle and butterfly species live in the tree tops. Every tier of the canopy of leaves harbours its own specific symbiotic community. The Canopy Walk in Hainich National Park allows visitors insight into one of the most variegated habitats on earth.

First part of the walk

The adventure in the treetops begins at a height of 10 m and the path gently rises in a wide curve up to a height of 24 m. It then comes back to the starting point in a loop. In the first part, four recreation zones invite you to pause and be amazed. Four typical inhabitants of the primeval woodland share their stories with children and have games and brainteasers dealing with the most variegated habitat on earth. Three of them – bat, woodpecker and purple emperor butterfly– represent the animals dwelling in the treetop sections crossed by the path.

Second part of the walk
On the second part, inquisitive and courageous folk get their money's worth. On covered, spacious platforms you find information on photosynthesis as well as on the wild, the forgotten and the researcher's woodland. Whoever feels brave can climb onto a hanging bridge and a rope to see what swaying like a tree is like.

The Tree Tower
At the end, the path returns to the Tree Tower, which can be ascended by those with a head for heights. On the 41 m viewing platform, you are rewarded with a splendid view. The Tower rises high above the treetops and gives a unique panoramic view of a multifaceted primeval woodland. From the highest point of the Canopy Walk you can see across the Hainich and all the way to the Thuringian Basin.
An exhibition in the Tree Tower vividly documents the development of the landscape in the Hainich region.

With nature and art, knowledge and games, adventurous heights and the treetops in close grasp, your visit of the Canopy Walk promises to be an extraordinary, exciting experience of nature in the most variegated habitat on earth.

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Image: Canopy Walk in Hainich National Park
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