Internships for students

Students have the opportunity to do an internship with the national park authority. Many degree courses require a mandatory intership of several months' duration. In particular for students of courses such as forestry, biology, geography or appropriate teaching degrees, our beech forest national park is offering attractive prospects.

Interested in doing an internship with us?

  • Please note that the longer the duration of the internship, the more effective it is both for the students and the national park authority. Due to minimum wage legislation, internships are generally limited to 3 months' duration. However, a longer intership when doing a "Praxissemester" (internship term) and mandatory internships (proof required) is possible. Since it takes a certain time to get into the flow of things, the minimum duration of the internship should be 8 weeks.
  • We receive many more applications than we have places available. Limiting factors are individual work stations (desk / computer) and available supervisors; after all, each intern shall have suitable working conditions and support. Therefore we ask you to apply well in advance and to be flexible.
  • The national park authority is not able to provide accommodation for interns. We are, however, happy to support you in finding suitable accommodation.
  • The internship is unpaid. You need to pay for accommodation, food and travel yourself. An exception to this is the Umweltpraktikum, which is sponsored by Commerzbank.
  • An internship in the national park requires a great deal of self-organisation, flexibility and a basic level of physical fitness. We welcome applicants who are enthusiastic about nature, natural processes and the idea behind national parks. Also, having a driving licence would be very useful.

What does an internship offer?

  • insights into the work of the national park authority
  • your own work station in the national park authority's offices in Bad Langensalza
  • working with a highly motivated team
  • the opportunity to get to know our fascinating, world heritage beech forests and their characteristic symbiotic communities

How to apply for an internship?

Please apply by sending us an old-fashioned letter, stating

  • your motivation and your interest in doing an internship with Hainich National Park,
  • relevant knowledge,
  • when you would like to do your internship and how long for.

Please also include

  • your CV with an up-to-date application photograph,
  • a copy of your most recent certificate,
  • if necessary, further certificates (e.g. JULEICA).

Please note that only complete applications can be considered!

What internships are available?

The national park authority offers internships in the Department of Information & Environmental Education and in the Department of Conservation & Research.


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