World Heritage Region Wartburg Hainich

Culture loves Nature

Where Luther threw an inkwell at the devil and Bach listened to organ music for the first time. Where the Peasant War raged, churches abound and flowers have tradition. And where, at the heart of this all, primeval woodland stretches its old branches. A fascinating, versatile togetherness, lively and worth protecting: the world heritage region Wartburg Hainich.

Hainich National Park was enscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage list in 2011; the Wartburg was the first German castle to be included and counts as world heritage since 1999. Thus, the region between Eisenach, Hainich, Bad Langensalza and Mühlhausen became a "world heritage region".

Here, great cultural sites and natural wonders are close-by like perhaps anywhere else in Germany.

There is a lot see in well-known towns or small villages – a plethora of castles shrouded in legend, medieval city centres, enchanting gardens and historic places encompass the primeval woodland Hainich in the heart of Germany.

The most famous sites of the world heritage region are located within a stone's throw of each. Hotfooted visitors manage to see Wartburg Castle, the Canopy Walk and the Japanese Garden in one day. Those travelling at leisure – by foot, bicycle or canoe – are revealed the fascinating, unspoilt beauty of the river Werra's valley and Hainich.

The world heritage region Wartburg Hainich has an excellent tourism infrastructure with plenty of opportunities to experience its fascinating nature for everybody: for example, the commanding, diversidied nature park walking path Leine-Werra, the family-friendly Unstrut cycle path, a rail-cycle draisine ride near Lengenfeld, the river Werra with its impressive banks that can be travelled on with a canoe on a length of 200 km or the brine and thermal baths in Bad Langensalza. If you want to give your car a day off, you can take a bus to get to your destination, for the world heritage region's public transport is excellent. 

Walking and museums, canoeing and theatre, thermal bath and architectural delights – in the world heritage region, culture is constantly meeting nature.

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