Family Wildcat Walk

Family Walk around the Wildcat Village Hütscheroda

Wildcats are in the focus of this tour: You can observe wildcats, learn more about them and climb like one yourself.


Wildcat tracks

1.5 km


What's there to see?

Wildcat Barn
Find lots of information on these rare animals in the Wildcat Barn.

Wildcat Enclosure
Visitors can see four of these shy animals in the near to nature enclosure, for example during the public feeding. 

On the Wildcat Secret Path young visitors let off steam on various climbing elements.

Older children will enjoy a walk along the Wildcat Path (7 km), where they are rewarded with fabulous views from the look-out "Hainichblick".

The meadow behind the enclosure with its playground and roofed seating area is an ideal picnic spot.

Getting there

Ramblers' car park "Hütscheroda"

Bus stop "Hütscheroda": You can go to Hütscheroda by bus from Eisenach or Bad Langensalza (bus 27 and 27 a.

Find an overview of the national park's ramblers' car parks and the nearest railway and bus stops on our interactive map. You find the map in the quick links in the left window pane or in the central column on this page.

Information centres

The following information centre can be visited along the route.

Information centre in the Wildcat Barn

You find interesting exhibitions on the nature in Hainich National Park there as well as a selection of maps and other information material.

Places to eat

We recommend our National Park Partner

Herrenhaus Hütscheroda

Behind the Wildcat Enclosure, you find a meadow with a playground and roofed seating areas, ideal for having a picnic.

Public toilets

You find public toilets
in the Wildcat Barn.

Further information

For more details, click on Wildcat Secret Path

Leaflet on the Wildcat Path and the Wildcat Village Hütscheroda