Under the magnifying glass

Research also plays an important role in protecting nature in every national park – only here scientists get a chance to examine life in relatively undisturbed habitats.

The Hainich National Park Act also stipulates such a mandate (§ 3, section 1). However, in order not to lose sight of the most important goal of the protected area "Let nature take its course", appropriate rules must be observed when planning and carrying out research work. They serve to minimise human interference and disturbances associated with research activities.

These rules are part of the research concept developed by the national park authority within the framework of the National Park Plan. It also lists the research areas that are of particular importance for the national park. The National Park Plan 2010 with the currently valid research concept (Chapter C8 - Monitoring and Research [p. 97ff.]) is available for download here (in German only).

The unused woodlands and the succession areas in Hainich National Park are coveted research objects. Many universities, colleges and research institutions make use of the opportunities available here. Several major research projects, such as the Biodiversity Exploratories or AquaDiva, have their field sites here. In addition, many other projects were successfully undertaken by scientists, students and voluntary specialists in cooperation with the national park authority. Hainich National Park has thus become a nationally and internationally renowned centre of science and research.

The careful study of ecosystems in the national park is to be continued in future. To this end, we hope for a broad cooperation of interested researchers and exciting new projects, such as the wild boar research project that began in the autumn of 2016.


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