Treetop path

Climb to the top of the jungle on the treetop path

Everything is different up here. The sound of the birdsong is more powerful. The air and light purer. The leaves more delicate, the sky closer. The treetop path in the Hainich National Park leads right through the foliage of stately deciduous trees to above their treetops. The wooden path gently reveals the secrets of the otherwise inaccessible tree giants.

Over a length of 540 m, the treetop path winds its way from the lower canopy up to the tops of the jungle treetops. The treetop path is therefore particularly exposed to wind and weather. Particularly in winter and on very stormy days, it can therefore be closed due to the weather.

For more information before your visit, please visit or call 03603 825843.

By the way: The treetop walk is not operated by the national park administration, but by the town of Bad Langensalza.

  • Image: Hanging bridge on the Canopy Walk in Hainich National Park
    The hanging bridge for adventurous visitors.
  • Image: View from the Canopy Walk over the ancient beeches in the National Park
    At eye level with the ancient beeches in the National Park.
  • Image: Person in a the wheelchair on the Canopy Walk
    A lift makes the 530 m long walk, 20 m high in the air, also accessible for the elderly, wheelchair users and families with pushchairs.
  • Image: The Tree Tower on the Canopy Walk.
    The Tree Tower – visitors have fantastic views across the National Park from up there.
  • Image: Hanging bridge on the Canopy Walk
    Those who like wobbly ground will enjoy going across the hanging bridge.
  • Image: Autumn colours on the Canopy Walk
    The Canopy Walk is the best place to appreciate the autumn colours in the National Park.
  • Image: The Canopy Walk in winter
    Even in winter, a visit to the treetops is worthwhile.



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Image: Canopy Walk in Hainich National Park
Climb onto the rooftop gallery of our primeval woodland The Canopy Walk in Hainich National Park Start slideshow