Secret gnome forest

Playground Wichtelwald

The legends of the Hainich region often revolve around the "elves living here". Some of them have found a home near Weberstedt, in the "gnome forest". At this playground on the edge of the forest, there is a small gnome village, the "climbing tangle" and the forest school to discover. A large seating area invites you to picnic and linger.

The playground is freely accessible, well signposted from the Weberstedt hiking parking lot and can be reached from there in 25 minutes on foot.

The gnome village with gnome house

Here hang the first 3 gnome coats of arms of the gnome families Hagebuttenstolz, Himbeermeier and Eichelbrauer who live here on the Trift. The children can immerse themselves in the world of the elves, learn about their customs and preferences and act them out themselves:

Hut 1: In the herbal pharmacy, the recipe for caraway defense potion with mushrooms can be recreated. Caraway destroys the spiritual properties of the gnomes, so they brew Caraway Defense Potion and flee as soon as they get too close to caraway.

Hut 2: In the specialty kitchen, lemonade is tapped and sampled, the daily special is tasted and blueberry pie dough is mixed. Gnomes love cake. There's a recipe on the wall.

Hut 3: In the forest workshop, precious metals can be worked on with tools such as saws and hammers. Elves love treasures and precious metals and hoard them. However, they do not mine metals, so they are not "classic dwarves" who create mines. In the gnome's room is a gnome's storehouse with the opportunity to practise plaiting in their free time.

The forest school and the forest doctor with the Pilzmüller family coat of arms

In the forest school, the children (and the elves) learn about animal tracks of the local animal species and silhouettes of typical bird species. Knotting and braiding skills are taught on the school benches. Gnomes are masters at plaiting! They have to learn this at school for many years. A blackboard is a must, and the school clock can be used to practise setting the time. The forest doctor has his practice inside the little house. An eye test on the wall, medical instruments such as a syringe, stethoscope, and a couch to lie on and measure yourself on the measuring stick on the wall open up lots of opportunities for play.

Training wilderness "Climbing tangle"

Gnomes have superhuman powers. Among other things, they can make themselves invisible and move very quickly. However, this has to be practiced for a long time; from the age of 2 to 70, every gnome child trains 2x3 hours a day! The aim of the climbing tangle is to get from one coat of arms to the next without touching the ground. Detailed instructions are available on site.


Magic tree wind chimes

Gnomes love the music of wind chimes. This wind chime brings mystical sounds to the gnome forest.



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