Fairytale Nature Path Feensteig

Path in the fairytale forest

Enchanted giants of the forest. Ravens that can talk. Dwarfs living down by the roots of the trees. White women shrouded in mist. Whispering twigs. Fairy godmothers. The primeval woodland is a deep and dark place, and suddenly a wonderful glade unexpectedly opens up. A fairytale forest. Whoever comes to  Hainich's primeval woodland will be transformed - one way or another.

Nature and fairy tales

The fact that the Hainich woodland is so unique also makes it a place of great memories: of childhood, of happy times spent in nature and of fairy tales. So what could be more natural than to create a path in the national park that is daydreaming of these things?

Fairy tales originated at a time when people still considered themselves as part of nature and respected its power. Perhaps they also appreciated their inherent nature – their own strength – more than most of us do today. Anyone who enters the forest is brave, desperate or unsuspecting. In any case, they will change. They will emerge as someone else, and that is wonderful. So, let us engage in the dark and bright unknown in nature – and inside ourselves!

Fourteen stations are waiting with special or very ordinary nature objects, with quotes from fairy tales, tasks and tests. Texts from fairy tale texts are another means to opening up the secret entries to the Feensteig.
The path is guarded by Mother Hulda, who in ancient times was regarded as a fairy queen and who liked to change into a dove from time to time.

Rambler, go and follow the dove into the wonderland of the fairies and let yourself be surprised!

2.5 km