World Heritage Walk

World Heritage Walk

Ancient beeches and deadwood - walking this path will show you, why Hainich is a UNESCO World Heritage site.



9.5 km


What's there to see?

UNESCO World Natural Heritage Hainich
The path allows you to gain insights into the versatile structures of our unique "Ancient Beech Forest of Germany", an upland woodland growing on limestone. The old forest with their richness in deadwood are the habitat of many woodpeckers species and many more.

The 0.8 km detour to the Wartburgblick is worth your while. From this viewpoint, you can see the neighbouring UNESCO World Heritage Wartburg Castle (10 km away) as well as magnificent succession areas.

Craulaer Kreuz
At the start of the path you find the Craulaer Kreuz, an old stone cross. 

Getting there

Ramblers' car park "Craulaer Kreuz"

Find an overview of the national park's ramblers' car parks and the nearest railway and bus stops on our interactive map. You find the map in the quick links in the left window pane or in the central column on this page.

Places to eat

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Public toilets

You find public toilets at Craulaer Kreuz.

Further information

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Leaflet on the UNESCO World Natural Heritage
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