Caring for the National Park

Explore and Protect Our Wilderness

Nature is essential to humans. We are responsible for preserving it.

When visiting the national park, enjoy nature by keeping to the way-marked walking paths, learn more about it on guided walks and simply relax in the beautiful surroundings. Please do your bit to preserve this world heritage site by respecting the do's and dont's that exist in order to protect the precious nature you find here.

Please take care of your own safety, especially in strong winds, rain and snow. In the national park, old and decaying trees remain in the cycle of nature. Visiting the national park and using its path is done at your own risk. Everyone here at the national park administration hopes you enjoy exploring the wild nature in Hainich National Park.

Cycling and horseriding is permitted on designated paths.

Please stay on the paths when walking through Hainich National Park. The woodland is also a great place for dogs, but to minimise disturbance of wildlife and other people, please keep your dogs on a lead. Pick up after your dog, especially around car parks, on paths and where people play or picnic.

Take nothing away you but your impressions, leave nothing behind but your footprints.

Because uncontrolled forest fires are a great threat, campfires and smoking is not allowed in the national park, as is pitching a tent.

Please respect forest life and keep as quiet as possible. This will raise your chances of seeing a wide variety of animals living here.

Please take care of your own safety and beware of falling branches.


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