National Park Partners

Sustainable and close to nature

National Park Partners are local entrepreneurs who are committed to the sustainable development of tourism in their region and who are acting as ambassadors for their Nationale Naturlandschaft. These partner firms are certified to meet the high quality and environmental national standards.


At present (November 2023), 18 local entrepreneurs are collaborating closely with Hainich National Park Hainich, are up-to-date with its offers and providing information material. They relate to the National Park's and the region's nature and landscape in a special way. They are also committed to the philosophy and aims of the national park and that of Eichsfeld Hainich Werratal Nature Park. National Park Partners stand for quality, regionalism and environmental awareness. The protection of the environment and the support of regional development are special concerns of our National Park Partners. They forego non-returnable packaging, attach great importants to using regional products and inform their guests about environmentally friendly mobility. 

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