Getting here

How to reach the Hainich National Park

The national park is easily accessible by all means of transport.

You can find an overview of the location of the national park on our map. The hiking parking lots are well signposted on site.

Arrival by bus and train

The "Fahrtziel Natur" cooperation is jointly supported by the three major environmental associations BUND, NABU and VCD as well as Deutsche Bahn. Partners of the cooperation are 22 special natural beauty spots, including the Hainich National Park. Together, they are all committed to environmentally friendly travel in local natural landscapes.

The Wartburg Hainich World Heritage region is seamlessly connected to the regional and long-distance rail network of Deutsche Bahn. Eisenach, Bad Langensalza and Mühlhausen train stations are easily accessible from all over Germany. Eisenach is served by several ICE and IC lines every 1 or 2 hours. Further information and timetables can be obtained from the DB travel centers or at

The dense network of transport companies enables guests to get around quickly and easily. For example, the Hainichbus(line 150) connects Eisenach with Bad Langensalza every day. The national park bus(line 154) runs on weekdays as an on-call bus between Mühlhausen, the villages on the eastern edge of the national park and Thiemsburg. At weekends it is not an on-call bus, then the bus stops at all stops without prior registration. The cultural experience bus(line 160) connects Eisenach with Mühlhausen via the villages on the western side of the national park.

Further information on how to get there can be found on the website of the Wartburg Hainich World Heritage Region.

Environmental ticket

With the environmental ticket, passengers can travel from Bad Langensalza or Eisenach to the Hainich National Park. It includes the return journey and admission to the treetop path. Passengers from Eisenach can make a stopover in the wild cat village of Hütscheroda before taking the next bus to the treetop walk. Click here for prices.

World Heritage Ticket

The World Heritage ticket is valid for three days. It includes travel from Bad Langensalza and Eisenach as well as admission to the National Park Center and the treetop path, the wildcat village of Hütscheroda and Wartburg Castle. Click here for prices.


Various cab companies offer trips into the national park at fixed prices. For more information, please contact the participating companies:
Eisenach: 03691/29000
Bad Langensalza: 03603/814181
Mühlhausen: 03601/441085


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