Walkers on the 130 km long Hainichland circular path will get to know the whole Hainich ridge and parts of the Werra valley.

The route passes varied landscapes and cultural sights such as castles and villages with medieval timber-framed houses. The Hainichlandweg has the perfect length for a seven-day walking holiday. The whole length can be divided up, for example, into these seven stages (each between 14 and 21 km long), starting in Weberstedt:

1st stage (15 km from Weberstedt to Kammerforst)
2nd stage (20 km from Kammerforst to Struth)
3rd stage (22 km from Struth to Heyerode)
4th stage (14 km from Heyerode to Probstei Zella)
5th stage (21 km from Probstei Zella to Mihla)
6th stage (17 km from Mihla to Hütscheroda)
7th stage (21 km from Hütscheroda to Weberstedt)

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130 km in total

medium, some slopes