Forest promenade

Forest promenade

"Promenade" refers to a promenade with the quality of a stroll, which is primarily intended for strolling. This is exactly what the WALDPROMENADE invites you to do.

The main protagonist of the path is the forest itself - its simple beauty and its calming, energizing sensuality. Its starting point is almost exactly halfway along the trail between the Thiemsburg National Park Center and the treetop path. For example, before or after a visit to the treetop walk, you can enjoy the view of the forest from a completely normal perspective.

The barrier-free design of the promenade guarantees a comfortable and stress-free tour (1.2 km). The path is a combination of water-bound gravel sections and wooden walkways. This also gently bridges differences in height and provides a particularly attractive approach to the forest.

Forest promenade

1.2 km

Starting point
From the "Thiemsburg" parking lot, walk to the National Park Center. 200 m from the National Park Center, halfway to the treetop path
National Park Center
Thiemsburg 1
99947 Schönstedt

Difficulty level


Initially, on its southern, first half, the trail runs together with the Thiemsburg nature trail. Along the second half of the trail, there are eleven themed islands that encourage you to consciously enjoy the forest.

  • WALD PFORTE - Two large doors mark the beginning and end of the forest promenade.
  • FOREST CONCERT - The chirping of birds and the rustling of trees - the concert of the forest will enchant you.
  • FOREST VIEW - This look in the mirror will amaze you, as it reveals a different view of the treetops, their details and special features.
  • WALD GESPÜR - Could you sometimes hug the whole world? Whether you firmly say no or happily say yes, hugging a (mountain) maple is always a good start.
  • WALD HIMMEL - This movie, which takes place entirely in the treetops, is both exciting and relaxing.
  • WALD WONNE - You should rest after eating, right? In this hammock you have ample opportunity to do so.
  • WALD RAST - in need of refreshment? This is the perfect place to unpack your provisions.
  • WALD BAR - Thermos flask with you? Then sip your drink casually at the bar in a relaxed (forest) atmosphere!
  • WALD SINFONIE - close your eyes and listen is the motto. Ear trumpets allow you to experience the small sounds of the forest very intensively.
  • WALD BALANCE - Balance can be found everywhere in nature, in the growth and decay, in young and old, in coming and going ... Here, young and old can find their own balance.
  • WALD BLICK - It's kind of strange when the mirror doesn't show what you expect. But sometimes "strange" also means fascinating.
  • wALD PORTRAIT - The impressions of this walk will certainly stay with you for a long time. Nevertheless, a souvenir photo is always fitting, especially with this picture frame.

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