Research internship in Hainich National Park

Would you like to participate in a research or nature conservation project? Are you interested in species registration, biotope mapping or management planning?

Students of biology, forestry, life sciences, earth sciences, nature conservation and environmental, landscape, land use and regional planning or related degree courses who have a passion for their subject have the opportunity to participate in current research projects and tasks as part of an internship. Up to two places are available.

The internship's nature depends on your prior professional knowledge, the length of your internship and current projects and tasks that need supporting.

Interns can gain insights into the process of scientific investigations and administrative duties. They also have the opportunity to improve their methodological skills and knowledge of species.

During your internship, you will independently implement smaller projects and selected tasks.

For internships taking place in spring/summer (March to August), please apply by 30 September of the previous year, for internships in the autumn/winter (September to February) by 31 March.

Later applications can only be considered if vacancies are still available.


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Alisa Klamm

0361/57 3914 004