The Primeval Woodland Path for inquisitive minds with little time

The Urwaldpfad in the West of the national park is a walking path with a total length of 1.6 km. Along this circular walk you find ten stations that are marked by numbered signs.

The path begins on a meadow and descends southwards into the forest. Shortly after the first station, the path turns off to the left from the Bummelkuppenweg and continues uphill. After Station 6 you cross the Hohe Straße and find yourself standing in front of the "Steinerner Tisch" (Stone Table). 

From there, the path leads straight into the forest. At a fork you follow the signs to the left and shortly after you will be back where you started.

At the Information Point Harsberg opposite the Youth Hostel, you can get a "Wegbegleiter" (companion), which gives you more information on each of the ten stations.

Trunk with tinder fungus

2 km



Find more information on this walking path in the leaflet.