Erlebnispfad Silberborn

Alruna's woodland secret

Feel like doing something different? Go and walk the Adventure Trail Silberborn then. Here, walkers can test their knowledge of the national park treasures and find their personal connection to nature. What characters do different trees have? And which one will be "your" tree?

The 2.5 km long circular Adventure Trail Silberborn starts near Berka v. d. Hainich on the western edge of the national park. From the ramblers' car park "Mallinde", the path winds its way above a valley along the edge of a meadow. If you want to avoid the in parts steep rise of the Adventure Trail, you can shorten the distance.

Lime leaf

blue path: 2 km
red path: 2.8 km 

blue path: easy
red path: moderate, in parts steep upward slopes



Alruna, the seeress of the forest, accompanies walkers on their way. At nine stations, she lets them in on the secrets of the forest. Walkers will be able to get a strong feel of the nature in our beech forest and perhaps feel its magnetic force. And it may be that women in particular will be amenable to the revelations of the mystical custodian of the woods.

Walkers enter Alruna's realm through a gate. Once inside, it is possible to transform yourselves into animals and speak with their voices (absolutely true…!), listen to a wind harp, see through fairy windows, discover hidden things through the eyes of the forest, explore the secrets of trees, marvel at the works of gigantic forces and consult the forest oracle. Whatever it is that you might learn about the forest and nature, Alruna will relate to your own, human nature.

Halfway, the path enters a glade, on the edge of which the gurgling of the eponymous Silberborn spring can be heard. Above it, you find the Silberborn lime, which has stood here since ancient times. The tree's bizarre shape is impressive and in times gone by the stuff of legends and stories. The path then leads you through the forest and past a firepit back to the starting point.