Wolf and lynx

Competence center wolf, beaver, lynx

The reintroduction of the strictly protected species wolf, beaver and lynx represents a success for species conservation. At the same time, this development is accompanied by challenges. The Wolf, Beaver, Lynx Competence Center at the Thuringian Ministry for the Environment, Energy and Nature Conservation (TMUEN) is responsible for the management and monitoring of wolves, beavers and lynx, among other things. Information such as visual observations, feeding traces on trees or photo trapping not only helps to gain an overall impression of the status of the animal species, but can also help to prevent conflicts at an early stage. Reports on wolves, beavers and lynx can be made by calling 0361 573 941 941 or sending an e-mail to kompetenzwbl@tmuen.thueringen.de. Damage to livestock suspected to have been caused by a wolf or lynx can also be reported by calling the telephone number provided. The responsible damage assessors are also available at weekends.

Further information on wolves, beavers and lynx as well as protocols for reporting information can be found on the TMUEN website at https://umwelt.thueringen.de/wolf-biber-luchs


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0361 573 941 941https://umwelt.thueringen.de/themen/natur-artenschutz/kompetenzzentrum