The UrwaldMobil is coming to your school!

The Hainich National Park's UrwaldMobil will visit your school - packed with jungle experiences and information about the Hainich World Heritage Site. The UrwaldMobil serves as a starting point for exciting and action-oriented educational programs. In the spirit of education for sustainable development (ESD), a responsible approach to the environment can be experienced. We currently offer three different target group-specific educational programs on the topics of the National Park, World Heritage Site, climate change and sustainability with the UrwaldMobil.

Three educational programs

Time travel through the primeval forest (1st-4th grade)
The UrwaldMobil becomes a time machine. We transform ourselves into big, strong copper beeches and embark on a journey through the history of Europe. Back in the present, we realize that hardly anything remains of the old, untouched beech forests. Only in a few protected areas, such as our World Heritage Site, can natural primeval beech forests still be found. We beam ourselves into the heart of the Hainich and experience the beauty and biodiversity of the wilderness with all our senses. Finally, we consider what we can do to preserve this forest wilderness in the long term.

Our heritage: the primeval forest (5th-10th grade)
What makes a forest a "primeval forest" and what is the World Heritage designation all about? Where are there still "primeval forests"? And what do they have to do with us? On this project day, get to know the Hainich National Park, the "primeval forest in the middle of Germany". Find out what it has in common with primeval forests all over the world and how they influence our everyday lives.

Protecting world heritage, tackling climate change (7th-12th grade)
Climate change is having an impact on humanity's heritage. In the Hainich World Heritage Site, too, these effects are becoming more apparent from year to year. On this project day, the background and effects of climate change will be illustrated using experimental stations and activities. At the end, we will discuss and philosophize together about how we can act responsibly and bring about change.

As experiencing our wilderness in the National Park plays a central role in our educational work, we recommend a second educational day in the National Park in addition to booking the UrwaldMobil!