Adventure wilderness "In the realm of the Fagati"

Adventure wilderness "In the realm of the Fagati"

A large, rustic forest hides more than what is written in the textbooks. It tells its own strange stories. One of these stories is that of little Fagati - a creature that lives deep in the hollows of the Hainich Forest.

It is small, spherical, has fluffy fur and bag-shaped ears that it can turn in all directions. And it is very rare! It only lives here, in the wild Hainich. Because only here does it find what it needs to live: Lots of rotten, gnarled beech trees, tasty herbs and plenty of peace and quiet, in a large forest that stretches to the horizon, completely devoid of roads and human houses.

Its primeval forest is something very special, just like itself. That is why we have joined forces under the title "UNESCO World Heritage Site" to protect and preserve ancient, wild beech forests and all the creatures that live in them. Even those that are not in the textbooks...

You can catch a glimpse of the "kingdom of Fagati", his world and his many friends, at the Thiemsburg, at the gates of the National Park Center! You won't discover these fantastic creatures in the flesh here, as they are nocturnal. But you will definitely find their tracks...

You can find out the current opening times of the adventure wilderness here.

The author of the story "Little Fagati" is the biologist and ornithologist Joachim Blank from Mülverstedt. He also writes for the national park's "Hainich Diaries" and never fails to impress with his very own, very special language and imaginative stories.



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