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Hainich National Park

Foto: Hügelige Waldlandschaft im Nationalpark Hainich

From Military Training Area to “Primeval Forest in the Centre of  Germany” 

Hainich is a large deciduous wooded area in Thuringia and is situated in central Germany not far from the town of Eisenach with the famous Wartburg Castle. With a total area of ca. 16,000 hectares (13,000 hectares of which is forest), Hainich is the largest continuos area of deciduous woodland in Germany. On the 31.12.1997 the southern part of Hainich, with an area of 7,500 hectares, was declared Germany’s 13th National Park. Since then it has been seen as a place of relaxation close to nature that is open to sustainable tourism. The area has gone through an amazing development which is quite unique.  


The area

Karte: Der Nationalpark Hainich liegt im Nordwesten Thüringens.